Scarf Progress

Jumping right on into gift-knitting fun ^_^ I’m getting this lingo down, I swear. I’m so totally new *sigh*

I currently have three scarves on the go. All of them gifts. You know, I wasn’t planning on doing scarves initially, but it’s what people seem to want. At least they’re not all the same, I’m trying to keep them interesting so I don’t go blind with boredom. ^^;;;

On with pictures!!

Brown Vine-Stitch (yes, I know it looks huge, I did it on purpose)


The scarf is now twice as long as it was on the weekend so there is true progress being made!


Blue Vine-Stitch (Using much smaller needles)

A very fuzzy blue yarn, I call it my cookie-monster scarf. I figure I’m about a third done this one.

Pink Fluff reversible lace thing of DOOM (what the hell was I THINKING???)


Okay, so after starting to knit about three rows, I’m under the impression that I could have gotten away with a garter stitch just fine… because LIKE YOU COULD SEE THE STITCH ANYWAY! ^^;;;;;; gaaaaahhh… I’m hoping that once I block it out it’ll look awesome but we’ll see. At least no one will see my mistakes! *cheers*

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