FO (Dashing), Dishcloths and Christmas Knitting

As promised, pics of my first attempt at cables. I chose Dashing because I figured the simple cable was a good one to learn on. So they aren’t symmetrical so what? So the mittens are slightly different lengths? So what? I’m happy so there!

Pictures! ^___^
I’m quite happy with the results, and I do hope the recipient will be happy with them as well. The pattern calls for English Tweed which Wool-Tyme didn’t seem to have (as per their website) so I used Silk Dream (Lang) which is 50% Merino and 50% Silk and is very very soft. The gauge was perfect and the fit it lovely. Knit up on size 3.5mm dpns, I declare these mittens a success! Original Pattern here.So with those out of the way, I only had one more Christmas gift to knit and that is a secret santa/random family member gift. So, I’m knitting up some dishcloths in Mission Falls 1824 Cotton and bought a dish scrubby to go with it. The first one is making progress and I should have these done by Monday hooray! Then I can start knitting for me again ^___^


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