Photo of Bubby and Progress pics of Thermal

As promised, a finished pic of Bubby. I swear those legs are supposed to be that way. Just ignore them XP I’m pretty happy with him since he is my first try at a toy. He’s cute, if flawed. Hopefully my Hot Cocoa Swap recipient won’t mind.

Progress pic of Thermal. I started knitting this sucker on New Years Eve, and am about a ball and a half into it at this point. See that quarter there? I’m not that far in ^^;;; I’m averaging out at about a ball every two and a half weeks so I figured I’ll be done by March. Wish me luck. I think I’ll need other projects to keep me going in the mean time. Endpaper Mitts maybe?

In other news, I’ve been a very active knitter in the community this week! I went to two meet-ups (one at the Alta Vista Library and the other an Ottawa KnitNites at the Bridgehead on Third Avenue). There’s also been a scheduled Spins & Needles craft night on Friday planned that I’d really like to go to. The only concern there is that I’m also hosting a tea party (tea stash busting party) on Saturday and need to make sure I’ll have enough time to prepare. I’m a little concerned that if I go out on Friday night I’ll run out of time. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll have to go by ear. Happy knitting everyone!

One thought on “Photo of Bubby and Progress pics of Thermal”

  1. Hi, Karin here, from PRPRP. Got your request to join “National Capital Knitters”, and had to ask…. Are you studying/working in Graphic Design? I hear “ligature” and that I have too many fonts on my blog ALOT, where I live :). I’ll add you to our list ASAP. Thx!

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