Year Long Gift-a-long

I got a late start to the gift-a-long due to email issues, but I’m here now! Here’s my list so far, I figure it’ll grow some as the year progresses.

1. Gift Item: Thermal (sweater)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Because I haven’t knit anything for myself in awhile and thought I was due
Deadline: No real deadline, but if I finish by March at the latest that’s not so bad
Notes: This is my first sweater and it’s proving to be challenging but fun.

2. Gift Item: Evangeline (fingerless mittens)
Recipient: Anna
Occasion: is love an occasion?
Deadline: I’d like to finish them by mid-February

3. Gift Item: Cabled Rangoli hat (PDF Download)
Recipient: Jeannine
Occasion: more love
Deadline: I’d like to finish by mid-February

4. Gift Item: Something ‘baby’
Recipient: my boyfriend’s future niece
Occasion: Baby being born
Deadline: April

Gift ideas:

  • baby bonnet
  • baby booties
  • blanket
  • dish cloth
  • mug and cozy
  • neck warmer (tudora)
  • hat
  • lace shawl
  • scarf
  • tea cozy
  • yoga matt bag

2 thoughts on “Year Long Gift-a-long”

  1. Suggestion from Mom for Thermal. when you get to the neck, where you cast off, and need to pick up again later for ribbing…

    what I have done instead of casting off, is to slide the stitches onto a stitch holder (the thing that looks like a huge knitting needle safety pin).

    that way when you go to pick up the stitches, they are right there waiting for you.

  2. I know it’s supposed to be a sweater and all but it actually looks neat with the arm separated from the body of the shirt.

    And the shirt. wow. 🙂

    (From a fellow raveler stopping by on the blog tour)

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