WIP: cabled armwarmers / yarn excursion!

Cabled Fingerless Arm-warmers Progress update
Recipient: Anna
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 2008

I started these mittens at the beginning of April. They’ve been on my year long gift along list since the beginning of the year and I’m finally making progress on them. I think part of what helps is that I’ve decided to knit them both at the same time. I’d say they’re about 30 % done. I’m using the Big Braid cable from Interweave’s cables stitchonary and I’m very happy with how it’s going.

I also went on a mini excursion to Knit-knackers today between work and meeting a friend for coffee. Sadly the bunnies weren’t out today. I suspect because it was so cold and unpleasant and according to the lady working today he was all alone and probably wasn’t feeling very social. I did end up buying some recycled silk sari hand-spun. It’s lovely and I can’t wait to try to make something out of it!

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