FO — Branching Out scarf

Branching out into lace
I had some yarn left over from the arm warmers (see that post here) and decided to put it to good use and make Anna a lace scarf to wear with her arm warmers ^^ It’s a lovely lace pattern, and it turned out nicely.

Gift Item: Branching Out Scarf (pattern) (ravelry) by Susan Lawrence
Source: Knitty
Recipient: Anna
Occasion: Belated birthday
Finished: April 20, 2008

Yarn: 0.75 skeins of Knit Picks Essential in Grass
Needles: US 3

4 thoughts on “FO — Branching Out scarf”

  1. Hey Liz,
    This is Rima from knitallyear and Thank you for your comment on “baby stuff” at knitallyar.

    Lovely scarf. I was just thinking yesterday that I have never knitted anything green for myself. Soon… 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I love this scarf. It has been added to my Ravelry queue.

    Take care, Joanne

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