FO — Cabled Armwarmers

[Edited April 29, 2008: Added Pattern and download)
[Edited May 9, 2008: Pattern is being updated for the right-hand side… apparently my instructions of “reverse for right glove” are a bit too ambiguous for some. Stay tuned!)

I knit some cabled arm-warmers for my friend Anna. These were long overdue, and I’m very happy to have them done. We’re going to consider them an early birthday present, even though her birthday is in November. The pattern is pretty much my own, and the cable pattern is borrowed from a book even if it is a really simple one. I intentionally off-set the cables and I think they look pretty cool.

Cabled Fingerless Armwarmers (personal pattern) (ravelry) by Elizabeth Martin
Source: Harmony Guide: Cables and Arans
Recipient: Anna
Occasion: Belated birthday
Completed: April 16, 2008

Yarn: 1.25 skeins of Knit Picks Essential in Grass
Needles: US 2

Download Pattern:

6 thoughts on “FO — Cabled Armwarmers”

  1. Just jumped over from the Ravelry Year Long Gift-a-long group and these are GORGEOUS!!!

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