WIP, new toy, Russian Join!

I’m making huge progress on my gift item that I’m not posting about (not really, but if you’re not my parents, click here for a picture~). If you want more details, check it out on Ravelry since I know they won’t see anything there.

Now in other news, I bought a new toy! I keep hearing such helpful things about using scales to measure your yarn, and I managed to find one that wasn’t too expensive and has measurements that go low enough to weigh yarn.

I also learned how to do a Russian join today!

2 thoughts on “WIP, new toy, Russian Join!”

  1. I love the scale! Where did you find it & how much? I asked for one from my parents but received a non-digital kitchen scale that won’t read accurately below 50g. The whole point for me was to be able to measure completed socks to make sure I have enough yarn left. I’m actually considering going to a head shop & getting a ‘dealer’s scale. 🙂 We’ll see. 🙂

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