Mystery knitting progress

You know, it’s very hard to blog about your knitting when your only project is a secret. We moved last weekend, and so Arbor has been sitting all lonesome and sort of frogged. I feel a little bad that I haven’t touched it since I ripped it back. I’ve been working solidly on a Christmas project that is coming along very nicely. Maybe if I push myself I can finish this mystery project and actually move a bit on Arbor!

I’m sorry for the lack of knitting photos, so instead, I give you the view from my new apartment. You can just see the Gatineau Hills in the distance.

One thought on “Mystery knitting progress”

  1. Yay! for the new and bug-free apartment!! Hip hip!!

    (I found another old knitting mag that I have double & you would like!!)

    My camisa is sitting in the naughty corner for awhile too. 😦


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