Muir stole

The Muir (pattern)(rav link) stole I am working on for my sister-in-law is moving, but very very slowly. I’ve only been able to work on it while on the bus, since I’ve been so annoyingly busy that I can’t see straight. How did I miss the fact that knitting a lace chart on a bus is next to impossible? Argh. And the people on the bus are so very uncooperative with the whole thing. I mean, why can’t I get you to hold my chart while I knit? That’s not a problem is it? Some people! lol (jk)

Once I got past the first repeat, I was able to see more clearly what was going on with the pattern. It seems I way doing one of the stitches incorrectly. Well, at least I was consistent! I’m doing it correctly now, and have sped up quite a bit since I started since I don’t need to keep going back and looking at the pattern notes to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong.

These photos were taken at the 10% mark, I have about twice as much knitted up now.

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