Wedding news (sorry, no yarn)

We’re getting married next september (that’s 2009, not this year), and I guess we probably should have started looking for venues sooner, but oh well, what can you do.
We went for a drive last weekend to Rockcliffe and found this AWESOME pavilion. The Rockcliffe Pavilion is a stone gazebo that overlooks gatineau and the river. It’s beautiful, and we booked in on Tuesday for our ceremony. Yay!

I stole these pictures from various places around the web.

I have also started working on a plan for origami flowers instead of real ones. I made this (vastly oversized) cherry blossom today, with Chris’ help ^^:;

I have been plugging along at Muir all week… I’m so sorry that I have nothing else to show for it.

3 thoughts on “Wedding news (sorry, no yarn)”

  1. I’ve never attended a wedding at the pavilion but I’ve stumbled across weddings in progress while cycling along the river. It’s beautiful venue and you guys will have a lovely wedding!

  2. This pavilion is gorgeous!
    My Hubby and I were touring the city for the first time yesterday and stopped for ice cream there. I immediately thought it would be perfect for a wedding; beautiful & quiet.

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