Blogiversary Contest!!!

Blogiversary Contest!!!About a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted to knit. It went badly, but I loved it, and decided to keep going. Last November, while scouring the web for free patterns, I discovered the wonderful online knitting community of blogs and forums. Everyone is so enthusiastic, and I wanted in on the fun. Last November I started my blog. It was around the same time I joined ravelry, and around the time when knitting took over my life.

In thanks to the love and support from all my readers and knitters everywhere, I’m hosting a contest for the month of November 2008. For every comment in November, I will put your name in a draw for a prize.

The Rules:
Comment on any posts in November (as many as you want).
Link back to my contest on your blog for an extra entry.


Mirasol Yarn Hacho

I will probably add more to the package than just yarn, but the yarn itself is lovely to work with. Let the contest begin!

46 thoughts on “Blogiversary Contest!!!”

  1. Your Christmas knitting is inspiring, the picot edged gloves for fmil are terrific, I am sure she will love them. The pattern is now in my ravelry faves.
    Cheers Jnae

  2. What a beautiful yarn! (Another one goes on my wishlist … LOL!)

    Happy blogiversary, and thanks for the contest!

  3. Congrats on the anniblogiversary. I’m here via Evergreenkits WiKnit blog. Beautiful prize, thanks for hosting a contest.

  4. Happy blogiversary! I came over from WiKnit, and had a look at your previous posts – wow, I’m impressed to see how much you’ve got done for Christmas already! Way to go!

  5. Mmmm, Marisol Hacho; I love that stuff. Some followed me home from Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach, OR. Have you knit with some? And what did you make? It’s the perfect weight for sport/dk socks, which is as skinny as I’m willing to go!

  6. thanks for posting a contest. happy anniversary, both knit and blog! i had to smile at the “I decided I wanted to knit. It went badly, but I loved it,” comment! will link over to you!

  7. I’m a new knitter too! Just 1 year since I started, so it’s great to read about the progress that you’ve made! I’m starting on my very first sweater right now. And that is lovely yarn!

  8. Congratulations on your knita/blogaversary! It just sucks you in in such a wonderful way doesn’t it???

    Love the yarn! The colors are great!

  9. I love contests, especially since I usually find a new blog to read through them. The yarn is gorgeous.

    Happy Blogaversary!

  10. Wow congartulations on your Blogiversary! I love your stripped hat! You have been linked on my profile if you wanna take a peek-a-boo! Hugs!

  11. i wish i had thought of the link aspect when i created my contest. i am also doing a yarn giveaway on my blog, so it’s only fair to try and win some new yarn back.
    love that yarn, too. the colors are amazing!

  12. Happy blogiversary.

    Ooh – a contest. I love contests, and since this is my birthday month, I’m feeling pretty lucky. So enter me.

    I am posting a pointer on my blog for an extra entry.

  13. What a beautiful yarn!
    Happy Blogiversary!

    Yarn is a great way to express yourself isn’t it!

    Have a happy day!

  14. Happy blogiversary, my trade friend! I always like looking back at what you’ve done – you’re a super knitter.

  15. very impressive…now I want to go through your archives. I am always looking for new knitterly folks to read. lol.

    I’ve got my eye on your prize…but I am hoping I can get it tangled onto my needles.

  16. Beautiful yarn! Happy blogiversary! I heard about your over on Heide’s blog (heideho.wordpress). Fun to find a new blog to read!

  17. Happy blogiversary! I found your blog because of a post on ravelry news. I am really glad that I did, it is a wonderful blog with great info. I love to read great blogs. Maybe soon I will start my own. Keep up the good work.
    Kimmypooh (on ravelry)

  18. Happy Blogiversary, I don’t need any more yarn but entering anyway….Happy knitting, Joan in Scotland

  19. It’s amazing how quickly a year can go by, isn’t it? I hope you had an amazing and fulfilling blogiversary and there be many more! ^_^

  20. It was about this time last year that I learned to knit as well. It is so great to see such a large community of knitters on the internet.

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