Birthday Toque in order

So I’m crazy and I decided I needed to knit a hat for my FBIL for his birthday. Um… his birthday is tomorrow! **headdesk**. The wool arrived YESTERDAY, and I just cast off now. I’m going to be weaving in ends on the car ride over, but it’s DONE. Gah. I don’t know what possessed me… I’m fast at hats but now my hands hurt lol I think I need a break from hats. I know it looks tiny, but it stretches a lot, soo it fits, promise ^_~

Gift Item: Wool Toque (ravlink)
Recipient: Mike (Fiancé’s Brother)
Pattern: Hat Fit For a Boyfriend/relative? (free)
Finished: Nov 13/08

13 thoughts on “Birthday Toque in order”

  1. That’s a nice patter, I like the way the top finishes. Just wondering if you made the top-of-ear or cover-the-ear version? I always like my whole ear covered. so it covers the grey in the sideburns too.;)

  2. I have been known to insist that someone else drive so I can finish this project RIGHT NOW. Let us not discuss the “mile a minute afghan” done driving across North Dakota and Montana in a RV with twin 2 year old daughters, two cats, a mother and the then husband as the driver. Thank G-d there was no one else on the road. It was NOT a pretty sight. Afton

  3. you should go soak your hands in some hot paraffin, will releive some of the soreness. My faorite remedy for “too much knitting syndrom”. Cute hat.

  4. I love that pattern or design, I have a dd in chemo, & they work wonderful. Not the old lady frumpy hats that seem to show up. I couldn't get over how much they stretch! Love the color.

  5. Ha ha, nice! I think we are all crazy that way. Take me. I have to get my shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child to the drop-off center Sunday night, and, I have only finished TWO of the several things I need to crochet (knitting takes me too long at this point!).

    Eh yeah. So WHY am I posting this comment when I SHOULD be working? That’s what got me in this pickle in the first place!

    Regardless, nice hat! Hope he likes it!

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