mmmm granola…

I made granola yesterday, and it turned out awesome! It’s way better than the last batch I made. Not a sweet so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating candy. It’s really more of a cereal but I like it that way. Mods: I omitted raisins because I’m not a fan of them, sunflower oil instead of canola oil, Flax seed instead of sesame seed, dried apples for the fruit, and a smidge of sweetened coconut with the unsweetened stuff.

It’s delicious, and you can find the recipe here:

In knitting news, I started a cowl for my fiancé last night. It’s white which is a little scary for me. I’m always afraid I’m going to get it dirty before I even give to her.

Oh, and I have a question for you folks; If you ask your significant other to give you their foot for measuring, do you think they’ll guess that you’re making them socks?

Me: Give me your foot
Him: Why?
Me: Just give me your foot!
Him: (gives me his foot) You’re making me socks aren’t you?
Me: No! (In a sarcastic tone) No, I’m not making you socks! Goddammit! lol
Him: Riiiight… It’s kind of obvious…
Me: Dammit! I’m not making you socks!

*sigh* I lost didn’t I? Happy Saturday everyone, one more day in the contest!

11 thoughts on “mmmm granola…”

  1. Just cuz he was so “I-know-what-you’re-doing” about it, knit him some insoles to put in his shoes. Tell him it’s a new yarn that’s been treated to work like odor-eaters. Then, while he’s trying to pretend he loves them, bring out the socks. Um, does he read these comments?

  2. Well I figure that when you buy socks there are basically 2 sizes – mens and womens so when I knit them I make them based solely on the gender except when it is obvious that someone’s foot is like ginormous.

  3. Oops. I thought I left a comment here about how much I love granola. I guess I misspelled the word verification.

  4. That granola sounds so good! I have a similar problem with my boyfriend. I had to measure him for the sweater, thus he spends a good amount of time guessing what it looks like.

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