WIP: Garter Stitch Jacket

On my birthday last year (in February), my fiancé’s parents bought me yarn. Beautiful awesome Fleece Artist yarn! They bought me the kit for the Garter Stitch Jacket and I was too afraid to knit with the beautiful yarn then… silly me. I finally wound up two of the three skeins into center-pull balls before Christmas in the hopes that I would finish Chris’ socks while I was out of town, and maybe get to start a new project before the new year.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I didn’t finish Chris’ socks until after I returned home in January, and didn’t manage to start the Jacket until only last week. But start it, I did, and I absolutely love it! Earlier this week, I finished off the back panel and started one of the front panels that same night. I started the waist-shaping last night and hope to have this piece done at the Knit Night on Friday.

I just love this yarn. I was worried that it would stick together and make knots in the skein, but once it was wound into a ball, I’ve had no problems. It’s pulling out nicely, and I haven’t encountered any tangles yet *fingers crossed*. I’ll probably have to wind up that last skein before I start the sleeves, I think… but I’m hoping I have enough left over for maybe a hat. Ah yes! The Mods: I noticed that the pattern is for a 43″ bust (under the arms). Well, I measure my bust to be 34″. After allowing for some positive ease, I figured out with some crazy math that I can reduce the width of the jacket by 83.7% and it will fit me better. I’m leaving the length the same, thanks to some thoughtful advice from fellow knitters, and so far it seems to be going just fine. I still haven’t decided whether or not I need to reduce the sleeves in diameter… I may just knit it up as directed and do some measuring before I get to far.

Anyway, enough chatter. How about some photos! Here is the back panel all complete. I am so happy that it’s not doing the camo-thing and even has a bit of striping to it! I was worried the stitches were too big, but it’s such a soft, fluffy yarn that it hardly matters. I’ll probably just wear in at the drafty office anyway.

Here is the piece I’m working on right now. It’s actually a few inches beyond this point now, but you can see I still have quite a bit yarn left which is good.

9 thoughts on “WIP: Garter Stitch Jacket”

  1. Ooo that looks super pretty and cozy! I’m really need to stop procrastinating and start your buddy buster I promise this weekend it will be started. I just need to finish the project I’m almost finished and it’s next on the list. Good news is your goodies are slowing coming in via the lovely postal service plus I found a safe cocoa!

  2. That’s wonderful news! I’ve been slowly gathering items for my swap partner as well, and the pig I’m knitting her is almost done. I’m so excited! Thanks for the update 🙂

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