Garter Stitch Jacket and knitting math

I finished two projects this weekend. The first was on Friday night at a Bridgehead knit-night. I finished the garter stitch jacket that I’ve been working on for all of January! For those who don’t recall, I received the yarn as an AWESOME birthday gift from my fiance’s parents last year. My birthday is rolling around in about a week, and I wanted to make sure I had the jacket done before then. I am so happy it’s done! It’s squooshy and it’s warm. It’s only a little itchy, but that’s fine by me. I plan to use it at work since I tend to get cold.

I made some pretty crazy mods to this pattern in terms of the width. Upon reading the pattern, I learned that it was intended for a woman with a 43 inch bust. I do not have a 43 inch bust, I have a 34 inch bust. Heeding some advice of other knitters, I factored in 2 inches of positive ease, and figured that I could reduce the width of the entire pattern (aside from the sleeves) and have a jacket that fits me, instead of mystery-43-inch-bust lady. Here’s what I did:

36 divided by 43 is 0.837. I figured that if I multiply everything in the pattern I get the stitch count I need. For example, the pattern starts by telling you to cast on 66. If I multiply 66 by 0.837, I get 55.24. So I cast on 56 stitches and get the proper stitch count for my size! I did this anywhere that it told me to do anything width-wise. So, when it told me to cast off 10 stitches, I cast off 8. I kept the rows the same, because I had no qualms with the length of the jacket, just modified the width of everything else. Go on, try it! You’d be surprised at what you can do.

Watch for my next post for even more knitting math-tips, where we factor in more than just size differences, but yarn gauge too!

Fleece Artist Garter Stitch Jacket

Source: Fleece Artist
Yarn: Fleece Artist Baby Kid (1.75 skeins), and Fleece Artist Kiss Curls (0.75 skein).
Needles: US10 and US8

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