Hot Cocoa Swap Topic #3

Marshmallows/Whipped Cream – The big debate.

How do you prefer you top your cocoa?  If you like marshmallows, do they need to be the big ones, little ones, homemade, gourmet, flavored?  If it’s whipped cream, is it fresh, the kind in the can, flavored?  Or are you a fluff gal?  Or… do you like your cocoa naked?  Tell us about how you top off your favorite cup of chocolate!

I love fresh whipped cream. Made by hand, and dalloped ontop my coca with a large spoon. Then sometimes I sprinkle it with chocolate and nutmeg. mmmmmm.

4 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa Swap Topic #3”

  1. I think it depends on the type of cocoa. If it’s a rich, dark, fine-quality cup of cocoa, fresh whipped cream seems to complement it better. If it’s Swiss Miss, marshmallows are more appropriate.

    In reality, I rarely have whipped cream in the house but always keep mini marshmallows on hand for making marshmallow fondant, so that is what I normally use.

  2. Oh, my best friend works at the Little Flower Candy Shop where they make their own peppermint marshmallows. They are the best. I add them to the cup before the hot water and it adds fantastic flavor and a peppermint marshmallow foam at the top!

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