A much anticipated update

Have you ever found a pattern that you really wanted to try, but it was only available in a language other than your own? I speak french, but that doesn’t mean I understand french knitting-jargon. That’s why I was so excited to find a French to English only directory of knitting terms! Enjoy ^__^

My yarn came! At the end of December, on a whim I decided to join The Yarn Bearer‘s sock club on Etsy. She was only taking 15 people but has since taken 18. We each filled out a cute little questionnaire, and for three months she is sending us each a personally-tailored skein of her awesome kettle-dyed sock yarn. ^___^ I am so happy! My yarn is a beautiful green/brown and with Chris’ help I have named it: The Emerald in the Woods. It’s so pretty, I hope the photos do it justice. *__*

And another view for your yarning pleasure

It also came with an awesome and very useful tote bag, which I am already using today! And all the yarn info is on an awesome pin! That way I can stick it on my socks so that Chris doesn’t destroy them when he does the laundry ^_^ She’s just so smart!

I have been so remiss in my blogging. And there is plenty to tell you! Today, I have the flu, so after getting some much needed sleep and soup and tea, I decided to finally take some pictures of what I’ve been working on. First is I finally have some progress photos of the Woodland Shawl (Rav link) that I’m knitting for a friend for her birthday. Based on weight, I’m 30% done. The beads are stitch markers, but I’m playing with the idea of adding some later. I am finally at a point with the pattern where I feel I can follow the chart, instead of the written instructions. I wouldn’t say I have it memorized, since I consider myself to have a hard time with lace, but it’s getting easier with every repeat.The only modification is that I added 2 repeats (4 leaves) to the width of the shawl, since I’m using a ball of yarn with more yardage than the pattern calls for, and I want to use it all.

I have other projects on the go too. I am improvising a double knitted cowl (rav link), knit flat. I tried to do it in the round and got too confused since it’s a new technique to me. I’m really happy so far, even though it’s going very slowly.

The other project I started last week is a pair of gloves using the same pattern as for my FMIL’s gloves. I am heavily modifying the pattern to suit the larger yarn, but after doing a couple fingers am finding that it’s not working out too well. I’m going to have to rip back these fingers and make them longer… I’m still torn on whether to frog it completely and make something else.

In stash news, my birthday was very good for yarn! My parents sent me a wonderful package full of lovely things (including a shawl pin!) and some wonderful sock yarn ^_^ Emma also hand dyed some Misti Alpaca lace and I am so excited to show it all off!

I also participated in the hot cocoa swap, and finally got around to taking some photos. Thank you so much Chelle!! You went above and beyond the swap requirements, everything was so awesome.

I will post more on Retrofit once I’ve taken some photos. Cheers everyone!

4 thoughts on “A much anticipated update”

  1. Hey, you know where to find me whenever you need a hand with a pattern in French! 🙂
    I hope you get well soon. A nasty cold (or flu, I’m not sure) knocked me out last week, I sure hope you won’t have it as bad as I did.
    I’ll be in your area again next week, though it may be a very quick trip. When I know better how things are shaping up, I’ll let you know!

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