Wedding and Knitting

There’s been more than just knitting going on lately. Wedding planning is in full swing, now that we’ve passed the 6 month mark. The invitations are almost done being designed and all the paper for printing has been delivered. Here’s a sample of what I’ve been working on.

I’ve starting practicing making flowers out of fabric for the bouquets, and one of my bridesmaid found a dress! Even if she needs to have it altered, it’s still a great start. The last week has been full of phone calls to vendors, which means we get to start deciding on the menu. I’ve also been scouring second-hand shops for vases for the centerpieces. I’m loving this matching by not-matching theme I’ve got going on. It’s making this fun instead of stressful.

In knitting news, I’ve rejoined the Yarn Bearer’s sock club coming up, and I’m very excited to see what new yarn will be coming my way. I’m almost done one of my bridesmaid’s shawls, and I’m almost done all the kitchen-knitting for my brother’s wedding gift (he’s getting married in May). I still think I might have time to make them coordinating slippers ^_^

Happy spring everyone!

One thought on “Wedding and Knitting”

  1. Oh, you’ve done a fabulous job on your invitations, they’re lovely! It’s great that you’ve found a way to make all of this planning and shopping fun instead of stressful: that part of the thing lasts much longer than the big day, so it’s much better if you can make it enjoyable!

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