Keeping busy…

I’ve been keeping busy knitting these days. Sweaters and test-knits and part-time school Oh My! We have had a steady parade of welcome visitors and as the summer draws to a close, I find myself feeling the pull towards knitting some sweaters. Must… knit… sweaters! I just hope that we have a colder winter this year so that I can actually wear what I’ve knit. Take a look at what I’ve been working on this summer.


Of the three projects I have on the needles right now, this one is my favourite. I am knitting the Platte River Pullover by Kirsten Jensen (rav link) and I am so excited with how well it is going. This fair isle pullover is knit in sport weight at a tighter gauge. This pattern is free, however it only comes in one size, 34-inch bust. I am a 36, but luckily my stitch gauge is resulting in this being the perfect size. It’s like it was meant to be, because my row gauge is spot-on. I am knitting my version out of Mirasol Nuna, in Metallic Gold and Cardinal Red, on size 2.75mm needles. It’s knit bottom-up and in the round and is really quite easy. I’m actually nearly done the bust shaping, but here is the most recent photo I have of my progress:

The next project is a test-knit (rav link) for Twiss&Weber. It’s an awesome shrug/cardigan with really unique construction. I love how it’s turning out. I’m knitting it out of Berroco Blackstone Tweed Worsted & Chunky on 6.5mm needles. I only need to finish the edging and it’s done.

Lastly I have been working on Candelia (rav link) which is an adorable short-sleeved cardigan with pockets. I’m knitting it out of Loopy Ewe Solid in Mulberry on 4mm needles. I’m following the pattern so far, but I have decided to make mine with long sleeves instead of short. It’s going to be so cute, at least after I block it.


On the Christmas front, in April I knit a pair of house-socks (rav link) for my Auntie. I knit the Comfy Socks pattern which is available for free on the KnittingDaily website. It also appeared in KnitScene Fall/Winter 2005. I knit this pair out of Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds on 6mm needles. These only took me three days to knit, they were that fast.

Later that month I knit the Child’s Beach Top which is available for free on the LionBrand website. I knit this top (rav link) for my niece, who was in swimming lessons this spring. It was part of her birthday gift in May. I knit it out of Patons Bamboo Baby on 4.5mm needles. This took no time at all, less than a week.

And at the end of April I participated in a local fingerless gloves swap. Round-robin, the person you knit for did not knit for you. I knit a pair of cabled fingerless gloves (rav-link) for my swapee out of Mirasol Yarn K’acha. Can you tell I love Mirasol? These were lots of fun to knit, and are really soft and quite beautiful. She loved them.


I am participating in another local swap this winter, but this time we’re knitting shawls. I’m planning on knitting Daybreak (rav-link) by Stephen West. It’s an awesome pattern, knit in fingering weight using two contrasting yarns for a cool striped effect. I’m planning to knit my version out of Noro Silk Garden Sock, which has been languishing in my stash for too long. I’m using a beautiful cream, with a variegated rainbow colourway for accent.

I am also playing with the idea of knitting my niece and nephew double-knit blankets with their names in binary stripes. I think it could be super cute, and need to think it through. It could be so awesome and geeky, even if I’m the only one that gets it.

2 thoughts on “Keeping busy…”

  1. Love the idea of knitting their names into blankets for your nieces and nephews. I just finished crocheting a baby doll blanket for my granddaughter, at her request, after she asked who the Project Linus baby blankets I’ve been crocheting the last two years were for.

    Beautiful site.

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