Clean slate

I don’t know what it says about me that I haven’t blogged in 4 years. I used to do it fairly frequently. I’m pretty sure I even had regular readers. Since 2010 I have participated in a few weddings, moved twice, bought a house, gained a housemate, and somehow managed not to scare away my husband. I’m reasonably certain the only thing that hasn’t changed is my place of work. Oh, things at work have changed, but I’m still there. And there have been big Life Events this year. In April I got called for jury duty. That was an eye-opening experience if there ever was one. I live in a very nice, tidy, safe little corner of the world my friends. So after 2 weeks of my life were sucked up by civic duty, I took off for my first trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with some very nice ladies I knit with. There have been lots of visits from family and friends, and I think it’s my turn for a summer of visiting them. The only dark spot has been the miscarriage I had in June. But we have lots of happy things planned for the rest of the year, so I have that to focus on! I’m currently working on an online English course at Athabasca University, I’ve started running again and have plans to do the Terry Fox 5km this year, and we have two camping trips planned this year: one with some local friends, and another with some not-so-local friends. I’ll be in KW this weekend for a family reunion, then back again in August for another one. With all that to look forward to it’s hard to find the time to be depressed about things you have no control over.

Let’s get to the knitting!

There has been so much that it would be ridiculous to try and get into all of it, so I won’t even try. I’ll pull out some highlights from the last 6 months or so: I knit the most wonderful sweater for my brother’s dog, Pedro:   Then there’s this very cute tunic for my niece: And this very sweet baby sweater with the most adorable bunnies: I have a few projects on the go at the moment. As ever, I have an epic scrap blanket constantly in progress. I have a sweater on the needles and a sweater planned. I’ve also been working on a Christmas tree skirt since last Christmas that is very nearly finished. With any luck I’ll finish it before winter. Don’t laugh! Anything is possible.

4 thoughts on “Clean slate”

  1. Oh sweetie I’m so sorry about the miscarriage 😦 I guess that explains why you weren’t feeling well for so long. All the hugs and boob squishes!

    As an aside, there’s a Rav group called LSG is my blog where a bunch of us post links to our blog posts. It drives a bit of traffic my way when I remember I have a blog and actually post stuff 🙂

  2. Thank you! I think I’ll do that 🙂 LSG is pretty darn wonderful. It was a pretty rough month with the miscarriage. I’m very very happy to have it resolved, but yes. That’s why I was sort of absent for awhile.

  3. Hey, nice to see you again! You were not kidding when you talked about big Life Events… actually, I believe the “big” deserves a capital B, too! I’m really sorry that a miscarriage had to be part of that list. I hope you’ve had all the support you needed; keep taking care of yourself even as you’re moving forward.
    As for the knitting, there is indeed seriously cute stuff that came off your needles! I totally trust that you’ll finish the Christmas tree skirt in time to put it under your tree this year – you’re *this close* already!

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