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My first Twist!

This was the third year for the Twist Fibre festival in Québec, but a first time for me. Thanks to Sue, I finally got to see what all the fuss was about. It was small but packed full of quality vendors. Among other things, Twist features mainly local yarn, fibre, and other materials. I came away with a few very very nice purchases.

4 skeins of yarn and a hand-crafted mug
My haul from Twist 2014

I was really excited to see that Laura Sheppard’s Handmade Pottery was there, so I picked up a mug. Much better to purchase in person. It is beautifully crafted.

I picked up two skeins of Merino DK from The Black Lamb.

Green and Grey DK from Black Lamb

Some amazing Fingering Bootsie-Loo from Studioloo

Fingering weight yarn in blue, pink, and grey from Studioloo
Hand-dyed bootsie-loo from Studioloo OMG so yummy

And some beautiful pinky-red merino from Yvieknits Yarns

It’s seriously beautiful. Enough for a full shawl.

I had such a wonderful time. The day came complete with not-so-random bumping into old friends.

Left to right: Elizabeth, Amy, Sue, Diane, Juliana

In other knitting-related news, I’m working on a new shawl. I am making The Cool Clavicle Cover by Megan Williams. I had a bit of a rough start but once I was familiar with the stitch patterns away I went and it is lovely. I’m using  Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 2 Ply (discontinued) that I purchased in 2010.

A partially knit blue variegated shawl on the needles.
Shawl in progress. Nearly half-way there.

Bring it on Home

Do you ever have one of those moments when you realize just how privileged you really are? My life is so full right now that I can barely breathe, and it’s equal parts exhausting and amazing. Right now, this is happening:

a partially built deck at the back of a townhouse
We are having a deck built in our backyard, so queue party time!

I can’t believe how quickly this is coming together. I was expecting the deck to take a few weeks, but it looks like it’s going to be done in a matter of days. There’s going to be some stairs going in on the left, and rails all around, and some lattice at the bottom to keep the animals from nesting. I’m going to have to book in a back yard deck-warming party to celebrate.

A backyard deck with rails and stairs.
Our finished deck. With rails and stairs and everything.

We had a really nice weekend camping at Murphy’s Point. It’s been a really bad year for mosquitos and I’m bitten all over, but it was worth it. We had a nearly perfect weekend. It only rained briefly while we slept, and otherwise it was sunny and just warm enough. It was a beautiful day on Saturday. I always do a bit of campfire cooking. This time we did one-pot pasta that ended up more like soup, and I brought some granola that I had made the week before.

granola in a decorative cereal bowl with a container of granola behind
Homemade granola with almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, honey and maple syrup OMG so good!

Since I usually do my running on Saturday mornings, I didn’t get to do it this weekend. I’ll probably suffer for it next weekend. We spent a lot of time around the fire drinking beer and chatting. I didn’t do very much knitting, even though I brought it with me. I started one of the sleeves on my sweater but didn’t make much progress.

Dinner Saturday night at Murphy's Point with some very good friends
Dinner Saturday night at Murphy’s Point with some very good friends



I seem to have an ongoing problem with my expectations for grades. Is it a little bit ridiculous to expect 80’s, and then experience crushing disappointment when you don’t get them? I mean, 77% and 73% are both perfectly acceptable! According to the University of Waterloo, that works out to a B+ and a B. What the hell am I complaining about? Honestly, I’m a little bit ashamed of myself, and need to worry less about my grades and more about the written feedback my tutor has been giving me.

Arbor progress and new year resolutions revisited

I took Arbor out of hibernation today. I had another project that needed to be completed before I would let myself get back into this one. Frogging made a huge difference. It fits now (at least the bodice, and the waist). I’m a little concerned about the neckline and worried I’ll run out of yarn before the end…

Here are some progress shots. I still have about 8 inches to add to the bottom, and finishing needs to happen on the neckline and arms. I may need to do something creative if the neckline doesn’t work out the way I hope it will. Regardless, I think it’s turning out pretty decently. Progress shots anyone?

I did end up running out of yarn about 1.5 inches from the bottom *le sigh* I will have to track down another ball in this colour. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get something in the right dye lot. Or am I dreaming?

I made more progress on my socks over the weekend. They now cover my toes, which to me is very exciting. Chris (live-in fiancé) laughs at me, but it makes me happy. Two photos, first is knitting while camping, second is my progress shot.

As July approaches, and we near the half-way point of the year, I started thinking about new year resolutions. I didn’t make any “typical” resolutions, but I did have some knitting-related ones. Let’s check them out and see how I did.

  1. Finish this sweater this year. I don’t know how ambitious this is, but I do know that I have a crappy attention span so we’ll have to wait and see if I lose interest or not.I finished the sweater in question in April. It doesn’t fit quite right but I’m not losing sleep over it. It was a wonderful experience, and I was even more energized about knitting when it was finished.
  2. Go to at least one knitting gathering a monthI’ve actually managed to do this. It makes me a little sad that I was right in assuming that only one a month was do-able. If I had my way it would be more of a weekly thing.
  3. Participate in at least one swap per seasonWell, I tried. I was in a swap for the Winter, but my swap partner never sent me my package. Not only that, she lied about it. *sigh* Lesson learned. I am in another swap for Summer, but I guess I missed the spring swap opportunities. There was just too much going on, what with losing my job and having no money.
  4. blog at least once per week (to encourage knitting? Perhaps ^_^)This is going so well. I’ve blogged at least 5 times a month every month this year so far. March was the best with a whopping 11 posts! I’ve only done 4 in June, but this post makes 5. So far, I’m doing really really well.
  5. knit a pair of socks!Definitely. I started my first pair of socks last weekend. These will definitely be done by the time it gets cold enough to wear them ^_^

I’m going to start over with the resolutions because these ones are pretty much covered!

  1. Finish Arbor before the fall, so you can actually wear the thing.
  2. Finish those socks by fall, so you can wear them!
  3. You know those endpaper mitts you knit? Well, you only knit one and need to knit the second one already!
  4. Knit something in lace using the Fiddlesticks yarn you bought on a whim before you start something else.
  5. You know that pink young touch yarn you got from that nice lady at WWKIP day? Well, figure out what to make with it already!
  6. You’re getting married, so you’d better get moving or you won’t have a venue!

First ever socks, camping and the mystery project

Last Wednesday, the day of my last post, was full of knitting news and was mostly centered on WWKIP Day. (It was a blast, I tell you, and the next one will be too far away *sigh*).

Anyway, the weekend was fast approaching, and the “mystery project” was going nowhere fast. Now, why you ask, was the weekend such a bad thing? Well, we went camping! Now, camping is a fantastic adventure and I love it to bits, however, it was scheduled to downpour the entire weekend and the “mystery project” was not something I was willing to drag through the mud just because I have an unhealthy addiction to knitting.

I needed a camping-friendly project. I thought and I thought, and came up with an idea! Ah ha! I will knit those pair of socks that came to me through the hot cocoa swap in the fall! (Yes, it’s been a long time since the yarn arrived, I just wasn’t feeling it. Can we move on? lol) Anyway, I went to knitty, printed off the toe-up sock formula (rav link), packed my bags and we drove off to Bon Echo. It’s about a 3 hour drive without making a pit-stop for dinner so I was able to contort myself in the front seat to get my measurements (that was fun!) and managed to get about a 2 centimeters of knitting done on the weekend. It doesn’t sound like much, but I was very happy with the accomplishment. I took pictures of the lake there, and I tried to get a picture of my very first pair of socks on their very first knitting adventure. We had a wonderful time, and though I was buggy and filthy, I was sad to leave.

We came home, and I continued working on the socks, until I realized that the “mystery project” has a deadline and I should really be working on it instead. So, progress was made and completion is immanent! Well, all that hard work paid off because the mystery project is done!

If you’re not mom and dad, click here for details.